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At the end of 2022 I decided to focus on another timeconsuming hobby also during most of 2023.
That means that this web site will be dug down for some time. I will not guess for how long ...
However these remaining parts from the closed-down "konditori100" are about history, and there aren't so many changes to that. My plan is to add more info in the future ...

I take the opportunity to tell you some of my thoughts, in short.

* Thank you, Brian Wilson
A mix of gratitude and memories connected to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.
* Davie Allan and the Arrows
An example of other music artists that have made my life more joyful.
* I let the whole MIND be here for some time, by 'update-technical reasons'.

Do less for the environment, and reduce our costs

Everything that has been damaged and is repaired, will have negative effects on our environment.

We are the ones who have to pay for the repairs. Everything that communities, transport companies, shop owners and others pay for repairs, will eventually be paid by us via tax, rents, fees or similar.

When someone destroys a glass window in a bus stop shelter, the costs for nature and our economy begins with the persons who drive there to make a temporary repair. Further costs comes for transports of raw material to the factory, production, and all transports from the factory to the bus stop. Much fuel and other resources are used, quite unnecessarily.

How many litres of fuel are used when a careless driver causes a traffic accident that includes even slightly injured persons? Tow truck, ambulance, and maybe fire brigade and police drive to the place. And back. Injured persons maybe to the hospital, and vehicles to be repaired. Lines of cars waiting to pass the scene of the accident. And in worst case persons who have pain and need care and rehabilitation. Or are killed.

So - do less damage for the environment. And for our private economies. Please.

More thoughts: Environment as a whole.

No one wants to be hit

No one wants to be hit, stolen from, or be deceived.

But there are many too many who hits, steals from, and deceive others.

So sad.

Några tankar om Sveriges försvar  

När jag skrev detta 2013, hade jag en känsla av att något mycket negativt hade börjat växa österut.

Risk att Norge anfaller Sverige?

Goodbye from konditori100

In early May 2022 the konditori100 web site will be closed, after a little more than 25 years on the web.

I am lucky to have more hobbies than I have time for, and since several years konditori100 have had a lower priority. What I have published in konditori100 during the years, have often been topics I wanted to find out more about - and I felt that web pages were a good way to document it. The last several years I've spent time with other kinds of hobbies, and so it will probably be for many years.

So - now I close konditori100, and store all my ideas for konditori100 in a cellar.

I am very sorry that I haven't responded to more of you who have contacted me.

I wish you all a good pleasant peaceful friendly future.

To kill a darling

This catchy phrase, apparently first used by authors regarding how to write good stories, has also appeared in other contexts. For example projects that were unrealistic to develop further, but had a dedicated sponsor who so much wanted to see it finished.

It may also be used as a recommendation regarding some political ideas.

For me now, the closing of konditori100 feels like killing a darling.

I end this page with a couple of screen dumps from some of the old konditori100 areas: "Travel tips" (opened in 1998) and "Cars made in Sweden" and "Motormuseum".

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