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(I've thought about this text for a long time, as many others, and now I publish it in the last days of konditori100. But short ...)

In the late 1960's when I became a teenager, Sweden had three national radio channels. That was all. One of them sent popular music, sometimes the kind that youngsters liked. Some programs were weekly hit lists, but there were 'a few others'.

I had a cassette recorder, and taped songs from the radio. Often with talk over the beginning and end of the songs. It took a long calendar time to fill a 60 minute cassette.

Music in some of 'the few other' programs made me buy albums by "Chocolate Watch Band" and "Strawberry Alarm Clock" - kinds of music I still like to listen to.

There really were lots of great songs made during the years! Thanks for them!

Davie Allan and the Arrows
I can't recall ever having heard them on the radio in Sweden. They first filled me with joy in the small cinema.

"The Wild Angels" from 1966 - I liked that movie, with a fascinating beginning and many good biking shots. The story is rather tragic in a way, but I left the cinema with a good feeling.

That guitar music ...

Some time later I could buy the soundtrack. Later I bought more albums with the Arrows.

Compared to the 'more structured British style guitar instrumental pop music', which I also liked pretty well, this felt so much fresher and freer and livelier. (Don't know the correct words to use ...)

"Blues Theme". "Cycle-Delic". And many more.

When I spent a long weekend in New York in 2004, I suddenly found three newer CD's with Davie Allan and the Arrows! These were about all I brought home from the trip.

Oh yes, I really liked these too. The same basic feeling, but they had developed in a positive way. Harder, rougher, more playful, as I felt it.

"Metal Fatigue". "Corridor of Fear". And more.

That was the second time that Arrow music suddenly hit me with a joyful feeling.

In late 2007 I got a test offer to buy 50 songs as files, instead of on CD. When I looked through the companys digital shop - I discovered Christmas songs by Davie Allan and the Arrows.

Oh yes, I bought them! Later I also bought the two albums on CD.

Oh yes, I like the songs! For a long time I have increased the number of Christmas songs I have in pop and rock versions, to listen to during my rather long Christmas music period. These songs were a great addition! The same great guitar music feeling, in tougher versions of Christmas songs than most others I've heard.

That was the third time that Arrow music suddenly hit me with a joyful feeling.

With this text I send a Thank You to Davie Allan and the Arrows!

You have made so many many hours of my life more pleasant. And so it will continue.

(I don't follow any artists or others on the Internet in any way, so I don't keep myself updated.)

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