Sweden in World War 2 - across borders

This is the new trench for "Sweden in World War 2 - across borders", since I closed my web site "konditori100". I want to add much more info from the many sources I still haven't used. But, there will probably not be many updates this year. I also have other hobbies ...


Sweden had declared neutrality in WWII, but many things crossed Sweden's various borders.

In "Sweden in World War 2 - across borders" you find a simple overview of a complex period, when neutrality for a small country surrounded by war was ...

On 30 November 1939 the Soviet Union attacked Finland. Swedish soldiers were allowed to resign and instead join the Swedish volunteer corps in Finland. The Swedish voluntary wing F19 was set up in late 1939, in Finland.

In May 1940 Arne Beurling had deciphered the code used in the German Geheimschreiber.

Sweden became a hub for secret information, Scandinavian and Allied resistance persons, refugees, and more.

In early 1945 planes from the U.S.A., operating from a Swedish base, flew Norwegian police troops (educated and equipped in Sweden) to northern Norway.

1.400 Swedish sailors lost their lives on Swedish ships sunk by British, German and Soviet Union explosives.

VPK troop carrier, and pvkv-m-43.

SAAB B 17.

MTB T 26, built in Sweden.

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