Behind the stamp scene

I just want to give you a background to the sets of stamps that I sell.

My wish/hope is that sets will contain more or less complete stamp series, even though I'm not familiar with any stamp series (but often it is easy to detect 'very similar stamps').

All albums have a label and a number, but often they contain other stamps too. I have found stamps from for example Deutsche Bundespost among stamps from a number of other countries.

One album with stamps from Romania ends with another group of stamps from 'newer and elder' Hrvatska. Often the pages are like the photo below, with stamps hidden behind others. Elder and newer stamps were seemingly sorted in order from the beginning, but over time additional stamps have been placed here and there.

I have realized that it is not so much one collection, as a collection of smaller collections. Elder Austrian stamps from the same period, the Kaiserliche Königliche, I have found in about a dozen different albums and stacks of loose album pages. In one album with Austrian stamps, DeutschÖsterreich stamps were spread among other stamps over 15 of the 32 pages. And there were also stamps in plastic bags, boxes and envelopes. And stamps that had been prepared but not put into albums.

One short visit to the storage room I more or less shoveled stamps from heavy albums into envelopes 'per country', to sort them out later after the train ride to where I lived. And there I spent probably more than 100 hours to sort them better, take and edit photos, find info and describe the items I sell via eBay. Several times I have repacked sets as I have found additional stamps in the same theme or series, and sometimes I find stamps in a better condition. I also have borrowed some books/catalogues to identify stamps, since I at least want to know what country they were issued in.

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Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss and Björn Granfoss ©. Prod: AG Informice