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Here you find information about quality grades of the items I sell, postage, how to pay and similar general facts.

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The items on these pages will be in three phases: (I will update the pages often.)

  • Before I sell them via eBay - (you may send me an e-mail with an offer).
  • While an item is on eBay there will be a note about that.
  • Items not sold via eBay will be here with a fixed price. Send me an e-mail with your address, and I will either reply with a link for payment via PayPal - or have to tell you that the item recently was sold.

    Every item will have a unique number for identification. Please use that number when you write to me.

    The records I sell are from my private collection. I will listen to most of the songs when grading them.

    In the table below are some usual abbrevations.

    RecordsPhoto covers
    VGVery GoodVGVery Good
    GGood, but with noticeable wear...GGood, but with noticeable wear...
    FFrequently used... probably ok in a jukeboxFFrequently used...
    SOLSticker on LabelSOCSticker or Tape on Cover
    WOLWriting on LabelWOCWriting on Cover
    NOCNo Center on RecordCOCut Out, a hole or a corner cut off
    DJVarious 'not for sale' versions

    Normal sleeves may not be the original ones. If that's important to you, check with me first.

    Stamps           Want to
    help me identify some stamps?
    Please take a good look at the photos of the items before you make a bid.

    The stamps comes from a 'hobby collection' that was handled by an old man, who sometimes bought other 'collections' that old men had as hobbies...

    Original sets of stamps, like a set of stamps issued in a country one year, are one thing. They shall contain the correct stamps.

    The single stamps however, that I have assembled into sets for sale (from a number of stamp albums (where stamps are not glued or so) and small boxes and other containers - are another thing. I am not a philatelist, but looking through some albums I've discovered stamps sorted under the wrong country (even with easy-read country names) and some sorted as issued according to the printed years on commemorative stamps. I wonder how correctly they are sorted when it comes to countries that use other letters/alphabets, and stamps from countries that hasn't existed for centuries? I try to get the countries correct when selecting individual stamps into sets for sale, but it's not so easy since countries and names of countries have changed over time. Also, especially when it comes to elder stamps, I am not always sure if some of the stamps really are stamps. Or if 'not-perfect teeth' makes all stamps worthless. (Also, all of it is stored in a number of larger cartons and chest of drawers.) In case you wonder a bit more about how I prepare the items with stamps, visit behind the scene.

    My way to handle that is to consider them as stamps, and let you decide if the sets are interesting and how much you are willing to pay for it.

    That is the reason for my phrase "No guarantees, no returns" for several of the sets of stamps - since I want to do my best not to make buyers disappointed. The phrase also include the quality of the individual stamps, but I will do my best not to try to sell clearly damaged stamps.

    Look at the photos, please.

    The reason I will not handle returns, is because it will be too time-consuming and difficult for me to handle.

    Sets with single stamps will be put in one of the special small envelopes that often are used for stamps, and mailed in a normal envelope. See more under Postage.

    The items in this category are from my various book shelves, cabinets and other places where things tend to assemble over the years. Since it will be different kinds of items I will describe the quality in the info about each item.

    Shipping costs
    Items will be shipped to normal mail addresses all over the planet. If possible according to the size and weight, the items you buy will be sent as letters. Some items will be sent in special envelopes, and the price for them will be included in the shipping cost - that will be clear in the info about the item.

    Please tell me if you want it sent in any other way, like parcel or insured letter. Please remember to write the item number and title.

    TIPS: If you buy more items at the same time, you will probably save shipping costs. If you win items in an auction, and at the same time buy other items from these web pages, I can send them together in one letter.

    The table below indicates my shipping costs, just to help you make an estimate. For each item on eBay auctions and on these pages there is a given shipping cost. The table is based on postage 2009-01-01 and exchange rate 2009-09-19, and include my costs for normal envelopes and other material. I use a flat rate to all countries for letters up to 100 grams sent as letters.
    Weight up toUSDTo
    20 g2.10all countries
    100 g4.30all countries
    250 g8.80all countries *

    * To countries in Europe: USD 7.00. To Sweden: 27 SEK.

    How to pay
    I prefer payment via PayPal.

    If that does not work for you, I can probably offer some alternatives. Contact me via e-mail for more information about that. Be prepared to pay in advance.

    No-return policy
    Generally I will not take any returns, and will not return payments, so please take a good look at the photos. Condition on vinyl records may be one exception, since there's no exact grading.

    The reason is that it will be too time-consuming for me. (See also info about Stamps).

    (Long ago I sold used vinyl records on auctions (in the days of mailed paper lists), and I did not get any items in return.)

    (About my earlier hopes to finish my three years at the university - in 2007-2009 I studied full-time, I was too old to receive the normal financial support given to students and in 2009 the financial situation had made a too large hole in my savings. Sadly no social or other function in Sweden was willing to give me any financial support at all, and in these times with many people unemployed it's not so easy to find extra incomes. My savings would not cover the last months at the university, so I decided to quit before the last year began (while I still had savings for rent and food et cetera). Now I am unemployed... with the result of a higher cost for Sweden than if I had got the same support that other students get. Sadly no one was interested in the whole picture. What kind of education it was? A logistic approach to civic functions like health care and commuter traffic, to find more efficient ways to reduce for example waiting time for operations. An education with the aim to decrease the total costs for Sweden.)

    Reservations for misspellings et cetera.

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