Presentation of AG Informice

AG Informice name is formed by information and service, which is the sphere of activities.

I have chosen not to write about these subjects on this web site.

Instead I tell you about some dreams, thoughts, ideas and reflections in various spheres.

The future for the Swedish one man company AG Informice is unchartered.

AG Informice sphere of activities
The focus of my work is the interface between humans and computers.

In what ways do we work, and why in those ways? What can be improved, and how will those changes effect others and tools? How shall the work, demands and changes be described for various interested parties?

How can computers improve the work? How shall programs be designed, and how shall we describe how to use them? How shall manual and computer-aided work co-operate?

What is needed to make computer aided functions useful? How can we catch the needs for changes, and how shall we deal with them? In what ways shall we inform about what is and what shall be? How shall the humans find the information they search, and how shall they be given informations others need to give?

Questions like these are frequent in this content-filled interface, a sphere of activities I've worked in since the late 80s in various projects and other forms of work.

The purposes with this web site
Influence. Some of what I write will hopefully awaken some thoughts and conduce to improvements in our ways of living.

Publicity. Even though I can't take any orders now, I want to make the company a little known. Now and then the times they are a-changin'.

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