Sweden in World War II - across borders

Swedish police, Customs et cetera

During the second half of the 1930s, around 100 watchtowers with telephone connections had been built in Sweden for early detection of forest fires. During WW2 they were incorporated in the air defence, and another 225 towers were built. The purpose was to give the authorities early information about forest fires caused by enemy bombings. [s78]

In April 1940 Swedish security police confiscated 150 kg of explosives from a company owned by a Brit. The police could prove that it was meant for sabotage of the iron ore port Oxelösund. [s69]

The German traffic with courier planes over Sweden, between Norway and Finland, increased in June 1941 in connection to the German attack on the Soviet Union. A formal agreement for courier flights was signed on 9 July 1941. Info about each flight should be sent to Sweden in advance, to decrease the risk of fire from Swedish anti-aircraft. [s77]

On 10 July 1941 a German air force "Seenotstaffel" (sea rescue) was established in Åbo in Finland. Cooperation with the Swedish air force was established. [s53]

2019-04-07. www.granfoss.se. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss