Sweden in World War II - across borders

Norwegian soldiers in Sweden

When Germany attacked Norway on 9 April 1940, the Norwegian aviation school was evacuated northwards. Later some of the planes were evacuated to Sweden (7 Tiger Moth and 5 Fokker C.V.). On 15 April ten of the planes landed on a frozen lake, and two more landed on 16 April and 20 April. [s77]

In May 1941 the Norwegian government in exile in Britain wanted the planes to be sold in Sweden. But that would not be legally correct - since the planes came from Norway during the war, it ought to be a deal between Sweden and the German authorities in Norway. The solution was that the planes instead were rented to a Swedish company, who paid to the Norwegian bank in London. [s77]

Norwegian soldiers in the Linge company, based in Scotland, on several occassions used Sweden for the way back to Scotland after secret missions in Norway. Often they were parachuted into Norway.

One example is the Norwegians who sabotaged the "heavy water" plant in Rjukan, who crossed the border to Sweden on 18 March 1943.

In February 1945 one of the camps used for the training of Norwegian police reserve got a new use, with the consent of Sweden's social affairs minister. Here members of the Norwegian military resistance Milorg were instructed in sabotage and use of British and German arms. [s58]

A couple of thousand men came to Sweden and went back to Norway after the training, with no identity checks. [s58]

2019-04-07. www.granfoss.se. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss