Sweden in World War II - across borders

German storage in Sweden

On 27 September 1940 a German forwarding agency signed a contract for rent of two large store houses in the port city Luleå in northern Sweden. The client was the German state. A railway track was constructed for easier transports of the cereal and meat that were stored for later transports to the German soldiers. [s51]

Later the volumes and range was increased. Two sheds were built, for 3500 metric tonnes of hay and straw for horses. Near the church in the city center were three large store houses with more hay and straw. The cellar of Luleå brewery housed hundreds of tonnes with emmentaler cheese, more than a hundred tonnes of potatoes, and large quantities of flesh meat, wine and schnaps. There was also store for ammunition. [s51]

The German military attaché in Sweden guarded the stores in the beginning, but later a Swedish crew took over. 5 customs officers and 10 policemen participated. [s51]

The Germans had 10 refrigerated trucks and 30 other trucks at their disposal. [s51]

2019-04-07. www.granfoss.se. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss