Sweden in World War II - across borders

Danish intelligence

In October 1940 the Danish editor Ebbe Munch sent his first Danish intelligence report to the British. It was sent from Stockholm, where Munch worked as correspondent for a Danish newspaper. Danish officers sent information on microfilm with Danes who had legal business reasons to visit Stockholm. The cooperation with British SOE worked so well, that SOE did not organize an own intelligence network in Denmark. [s58]

Before the hunt for judes in Denmark began 1 - 2 October 1943, the Danish journalist Leif B Hendil had fled to Sweden. He had managed to start illegal boat traffic between Denmark and Sweden, with some aid from the Swedish Navy and Swedish police. [s13]

Sweden exchanged intelligence information with the Danes. [s58]

2013-10-27. www.granfoss.se. Text/pictures: Arne Granfoss